Recent Timeline

The Nightmare

The Nightmare was — for lack of a better term — a true nightmare in the Otherworld. He was a fairly new Fae, little less than three thousand years old, born from the bosom of night and immensely powerful, despite being Underfae. His reputation as an assassin was quick to bloom and it garnered the attention of the Unseelie Court who were more than happy to call him one of them. However, to those in deeper circles, he was known for other things, particularly his ability to bring such rapturous pain to sadists that would seek him out. He was known for being able to stroke a fae's core energy in just the right way to cause them not only physical pain, but mental, emotional, and, interestingly enough, existential pain.

During this time, the Unseelie King was the Wolf King, patron of the Wild Hunt and known as one of the most effective generals of the Unseelie Court of all time. Under his reign, as he had been on the throne for nigh on twelve millennia, he had seen the rise and fall of numerous Seelie monarchs. He had fought against them. Won against them. The Unseelie Court had never been richer. Yet, his undoing came in the form of an extremely young fae, a babe by all measures in the otherworld. When word of the Nightmare, the first of his kind, reached the ears of the Court, the Wolf King was instantly intrigued and considered that such a fine specimen, the epitome of being Unseelie, would be a fantastic addition to his Court.

Despite the network of spies that worked for the Unseelie court, the Wolf Kingwas never privy to the true extent of the Nightmare's ambition and malice. However, unrest in the kingdoms in the form of a group of Seelie Waterhorses seizing territory from a number of Unseelie Huldra, called the Wolf King away on a protracted military campaign and diplomatic negotiations that ended with some of the land being returned to the Huldra, and some of the Kelpies being forced to share lakes. It was during this time that the then-Seelie King Perun advised him to keep an eye on the Nightmare, a warning that evidently fell on deaf ears.

Inner Court

So began the decline of the Wolf King's reign. Impressed and thoroughly intrigued by the young fae's sudden rise to fame and popularity, the reigning king was all too eager to invite him to Court. Like a moth to a candleflame, the Nightmare followed. He was quick to make friends, particularly endearing The Queen of Winter and Nyx, powerful allies in the Unseelie Court.

Though the Nightmare spent two or three decades on the outskirts of the Wolf King's court, he was never far from the notice of the monarch. His skills and trade grew considerably wider during the time he spent at court, and his elevated status made his already formidable power all the more so. As a result of his new-found Court status as well, he gained quite a few more clients as word of his special services circulated in the fae world.

It was during the aftermath of the Battle at Muspelheim that the Nightmare proved to be a significant asset to the Unseelie Court where his knowledge of Surtr's retainers allowed the Wolf King to repel the fire giant's advance into the mountains of the Garuda as a result of a blood feud. After the battle, as the Wolf King was handing out elevations of status to the soldiers who performed well in the conflict, the Nightmare was invited into the King's Inner Court.


As part of the King's Inner Court the Nightmare gained even more power to supplement his arsenal. Armed with the elevated status, he was now nigh impervious to anything short of utter destruction of his essence and his core energy, which few people could do while he was underfae, even fewer now that he was Inner Court. It was during this time that the Wolf King began to groom him for the position as having ruled for well over 12000 years, he was quite tired of being King.

As this process went on, the King finally learned of what the Nightmare did underground and when he confronted the creature about it, the Nightmare simply shrugged and stated that it was what his clients needed, what they wanted. He'd told the Nightmare then "Truly you do put the rest of us Unseelie to shame!" and laughed heartily. The seeds of destruction had, however, been sown. The Nightmare had seen what the Wolf King thought others would not see, he was curious about what went on in the Nightmare's special service sessions.

What followed was a months-long-game of teasing and guesswork for the Wolf King whose predatory instincts were all too glad to play along with, but it was on the eve of Samhain when the Wolf King conceded the game and popped the question to the Nightmare. The ambitious young fae was all too glad to oblige, and all too enthusiastic to begin the unravelling of the Wolf King's reign.

After Samhain celebrations, the Nightmare and the Wolf King vanished for a good month where they visited Mt. Tabor in order for the Nightmare to fulfil the Wolf King's "wants." Few know the true extent of the torment the old King received, suffice to say it involved the Piedras Platas and the Ibong Adarna. The King returned, a portrait of radiant physical health, but different. He was completely different from the man that had left on that fateful journey with the Nightmare.

During a series of unfounded military campaigns brought about by paranoia and undeniable manipulation by the Nightmare, the Wolf King made half of the Unseelie Court's wealth vanish into thin air, killed a quarter of its entire army and estranged a further third, lost significant tracts of land to retaliatory action, and distanced an enormous number of noble families from the court. And so a reign spanning twelve-thousand of some of the most prosperous years for the Unseelie ended in what could only amount to total anarchy. Were it not for the Inner Court deciding to pull down the King and instate the Nightmare as the new Unseelie King, the chaos might have continued to destroy the Unseelie Court.


Even the Great Seelie King Perun was unable to stop the rampage of the Nightmare across the land, marshalling the meagre remaining forces of the Unseelie Court in a series of extremely effective, highly provocative, and blatantly insulting military campaigns in a baseless landgrab from the Seelie Kingdom. Though the battles were decided almost from the moment they were struck, the Nightmare was never anywhere near them. The mystery of how he was such an effective general would be one that would remain unsolved to the present day and beyond. No. The Nightmare was lurking around in different circles unbeknownst to the Otherworld at large.

His newfound status as King allowed him more bravado in his conquests. More often than not he now "forced" his services on people who didn't really want them. Weeks of subtle manipulation were often involved and ended with clients who were unaware they were being played. It was through this manner that the Nightmare was able to rile Ymir and Surtr against each other. As the Seelie forces fought the Unseelie, the forces of the Niflheim and Muspellheim fought against each other as well. The resulting chaos from the meeting of Fire and Frost threw open the long-sealed gateway to the Ginnungagap.

The creative energy that flowed from the Old Land allowed Emrys, operating under the Nightmare because of an unknown and untold threat that so scared the poor Warlock that he unquestioningly did the Nightmare's bidding, to create the Thorn on the Blighted Land that the Nightmare's first conquests created. The towering structure would become home to the Court of Eventide and the sprawling city of Dis. The creation of the Third Court upset the balance of power and both Unseelie and Seelie courts wanted to show the Fae World that they could bring it to heel.


Fae society was not made to support three courts, much less an infant one and an unstable one. The Unseelie were quick to vote in a new King to the Throne. However, what was left of the Unseelie military was now loyal for one or other reason to the Nightmare, leaving the Court nigh on defenceless. In an unprecedented move of solidarity, the Seelie Court sent some soldiers to the Unseelie Court as a gesture of good will, at least until the war was over. As the Unseelie Court worked on winning back the Noble families that the Nightmare had estranged, the Seelie tried to keep the Court of Eventide at bay.

Fae from the shadows leaped at the chance to join a Court, having not really felt entirely at home in the Unseelie court. Soon enough the entire Fae world was at war with the Court of Eventide whose forces, for all their meagre numbers were still formidable. Part of the reason they were not so easy to overrun was the ongoing chaos between Niflheim and Muspellheim which had not yet subsided. Once he had secured the support of the Unseelie Noble families, the Bell-Ringer managed to quell the fighting between Surtr and Ymir, allowing some semblance of stability back into the fae world. With less chaos to deal with, the Unseelie and Seelie Fae managed to decimate the Court of Eventide's forces with sheer numbers.

It was a pyrrhic victory.


The Nightmare's inner court of retainers, however, proved far more resilient than the rest of the Court of Eventide, and it took quite a few years of trouble popping up here and there before the Unseelie and Seelie courts — who had at this point fallen out of favour with one another yet again due to fighting over who gets to secure the Nightmare in their dungeons — managed to find him. The Thorn still stood tall above blighted land, but it was beginning to succumb to time, so was the Nightmare.

He only had so much longer before his freedom would be taken from him. In a fateful battle at Maigh Tuired when his Inner Court was shattered and he was taken prisoner by a group of Seelie fae led by Perun himself. They were soon waylaid by a group of Unseelie fae led by the Bell-Ringer who took the Nightmare for himself and shut him up in the Unseelie court: a stupid decision. While the energies of the Unseelie court prickled at his presence, the Nightmare felt right at home and he began to engineer his own egress.

Álmos Hunyadi Corvinus, a young Raven fae at the time, fell under the wiles of the Nightmare who despite his demotion to Underfae, was still powerful as he had always been powerful even as underfae. He haunted the young fae's dreams and manipulated him into the Bell-Ringer's bed. Sure enough, once there, the Nightmare gave him true nightmares which would often wake him at night. Once a healer was called in to look at the boy, there was little doubt that the Nightmare was attacking him. Ever the self-serving king who wanted the boy more than anything, the Bell-Ringer took Álmos with him to see the Nightmare in order to get him 'fixed.'

Using a post-hypnotic suggestion implanted in the boy through his dreams — a fact that the healer in all honesty had been remiss to not seek out — the Nightmare was able to incapacitate the Bell-Ringer and free himself from his prison but not without dealing swift death to the Unseelie King, leaving the Court headless and flailing yet again. The noble families devolved into assassinations and political machinations in the all-too-predictable rush for succession that followed.


Without stability in the Unseelie Court, the Seelie Court was in full control of the situation. However, the peoples' respect for the Seelie Court waned when it proved almost futile to try and contain the Nightmare who by this time, almost six months after the death of the Bell-Ringer, had taken up residence once again in the Thorn. This resulted in Perun bargaining, much to his displeasure, with the Mages who demanded his life in payment for the chaos they were about to unleash into the world.

Perun begrudgingly agreed, believing that he could somehow dupe the mages. He stipulated only one condition: that they allow him to watch as they make the Nightmare burn. It was a prospect the Mages agreed to quickly, perhaps a bit too enthusiastically. The fact was lost on Perun.

Jack O'Kent was the one they sent out first to the Nightmare, who, being a young fae, would only have heard of fragments of his reputation. Despite being Unseelie King for a time, the Mages were banking on the assumption that he had not taken the time to read the Unseelie Archives. He had not. Jack was one of the few fae known to be able to trick Underworld Gods. The Nightmare was too easy for him, or so he thought.

The Nightmare was still a fairly easy prospect, but Jack was quick to realize that the Nightmare was no normal fae as he possessed magicks older than the Courts themselves. Regardless, he filed away the information for later and managed to dupe the Nightmare into taking him to the heart of the Thorn where its connection to the Ginnungagap was. The Mages' intention was to channel the creative energies from the Old Land into destructive energies to wipe out the Nightmare once and for all, but given the new revelations, they had to have a change of plans.

Once in the heart of the Thorn, the Telchines and Isis along with Perun appeared to apprehend the Nightmare. The Mages quickly channelled the energies of the Ginnungagap and tore the Thorn away, foundations and all, from the Otherworld, suspending it somewhere in the vast cosmic void. Isis turned to Perun and demanded he pay his debt. There was no running for the Seelie King as his body was ritually bled and encased in crystal with him remaining fully conscious to serve as the Worldheart for the prison that the Mages had crafted for the Nightmare. His final words were a protestation against what they were doing for it was illegal to use Old Magic.

The words fell on deaf ears. The Mages were gone. The Nightmare was bound to him and to the small pocket world that they had been trapped in. The Nightmare found that the Crystal was not solid, only ethereal. He'd found a new plaything, and Perun would be the object of his craft as he bided his time before returning to the fae world. The once-Seelie King whimpered as the Nightmare drew a sharp talon across his chest.

The Winter Court

Following the defeat of the Nightmare and the subsequent disappearance of Perun, some semblance of peace returned to the land as both Seelie and Unseelie Courts attempted to recoup from the damages caused by the entire affair. However, the lack of ruling monarchs for both courts proved to be incredibly taxing on the peace, and soon, chaos ruled the land once more as species of fae normally kept in line by the Courts were empowered to do as they wish and to fight for lands that they wanted indiscriminately.

Óðinn(Anglicised: Odin), along with all the Nordic Fae under his command, and the unsurprising alliance of the Holly King and the Cailleach, took the chaos as an opportunity to create another Court: The Winter Court. Despite the catastrophic turn of events that the creation of the Court of Eventide had caused, the three were convinced that because they ruled as a trifecta that they would avoid a lot of the issues that the Nightmare had caused. As a result of the formation of this new alliance and bolstered with the might of the Nordic Fae, the Winter Court became a threat far sooner than the Court of Eventide had been.

King Triton of the Ocean's Domain was furious. However, at the same time, he could do nothing without the authority of the Seelie and Unseelie Courts' permission as per the old pact between Land and Sea. His own Domain was being torn in half with Sea Fae of either alignment who lived in northern areas of the world petitioned for the Winter Court to be recognized. The Arctic and Antarctic Fae, ancient rivals, for once had a common cause.

This is where the world stands, on the brink of another political catastrophe. Power has to be restored to the Seelie and Unseelie Courts. New Monarchs must be chosen. Noble families must stop bickering for once and elect a Monarch. Once that is done, then the Winter Court can be dealt with.

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